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  These are some sample screen shots of graphics I created for Puzzle Planet, an Ipad game developed by Small Planet Digital in Brooklyn, NY.


  Gameplay HUD (left) and menu design (right). the main area (left screen, top middle) is where the user puts together a puzzle. The bottom is a tray where new puzzle pieces generate. This is the portion of the gameplay I designed without the actual gameplay puzzle pieces.

  Character design development.


  Info screen and puzzle purchase popup menu.



  Game User Interface and Illustrations for the Iphone game "Billionaire Fever"


  Concept logo for H.EL.P.

  H.EL..P. brochure

  Preliminary and final logo forMiCo Arts

  Preliminary and final logo for Media Cubby.

  Preliminary and final logo for H.E. L.P.

  Vector illustration concept

  Storyboards for Paper Jamz TV commercial concept

  3D typography study

  NYC subway design

  Web 2.0 icon study

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